Aluminum Mill Equipment

Taylor Northeast is your home for the best mobile mill equipment from Gradall and EPIQ Machinery.

Taylor Northeast is your home for the best aluminum furnace equipment from leading brands Gradall and EPIQ Machinery.

The number one name in the industry, Gradall, is known for their heavy-duty, highly adaptable XL series of mill maintenance and aluminum skimming machines. With their unique telescoping booms, Gradall XL are necessities for any furnace operation.

Have a big problem that requires a unique solution? Count on the professionals at EPIQ Machinery. EPIQ vehicles can be completely custom-built for specialized aluminum mill applications.

Gradall Aluminum Mill Maintenance

In the extreme environments of aluminum mill maintenance, there’s only one name you can count on, Gradall. Thanks to the eight models of the XL Series, they are the unquestioned leaders in the field. With unique boom movements, and a choice of crawler or rubber tire undercarriages, the XL series is more adept and more efficient at working inside furnaces than the competition.

Gradall Aluminum Skimming

Aluminum furnace dross skimming is a highly specialized skill, which is why you need a highly specialized piece of equipment like the XL4240 V and XL4340 V from Gradall. The highly agile telescopic boom makes pot cleaning and furnace teardowns a snap. Easily reach through the mouth of a furnace for easy dross removal and cleaning.

EPIQ Mecfor Custom-Built Forging Vehicles

When you need a fully customized forging machine for your unique aluminum mill application. There’s only one name to call. EPIQ Mecfor designs and manufactures state-of-the-art aluminum handling equipment with an operational lifespan that is unmatched in the industry.

EPIQ Mecfor Custom-Made Equipment

EPIQ Mecfor has a strong reputation for excellence in all sectors of aluminum operations: alumina, carbon, electrolysis and foundry. With decades working side-by-side with the aluminum sector, they can build completely custom-made, top of the line equipment for your unique application.


Built for the unforgiving environments of the potroom, EPIQ Mecfor MTC models safety transport molten metal crucibles an anode assembly trays throughout the aluminium mill. Available with anode, metal, crucible tilter or specialized trailers depending on your application and need.

EPIQ Mecfor MVR Series

EPIQ Mecfor bath tapping vehicles are specialized machines built for professional bath tapping and discharging. With excellent operator visibility, assisted control mechanicisms and an eye towards safety, the MVR Series will help increase the efficiency of your aluminum potroom operations.

The Aluminum Mill FURNACE Solution

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